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Welcome to St John's Church, Glastonbury

A Christian Spiritual Centre at the Heart of the Town for everyone.

Find out more about our mission statement & aims here. Should you wish to arrange for a wedding, baptism or funeral, please contact us through the Parish Office initially or go to the Forms section of our Publications page and complete and return the appropriate one.


St John’s 2019 services — when and where

St John’s church building is closed for all of 2019 to undergo major refurbishment.
St John’s people, including the choir, will worship at the two other churches in the benefice.
Changes to St John’s traditional location and time are underlined.
Some services for St Ben’s or Meare congregations are listed to show where timing is tight.

1st Sunday of the month (Feb 3)

8am Holy Communion (BCP, Book of Common Prayer 1662) at St Ben’s

11am Holy Communion combined service at St Ben’s

5pm Evensong at St Ben’s (location some months will vary)

2nd Sunday (Feb 10)

8am Holy Communion (BCP) at St Ben’s

(St Ben’s and URC shared service — venue alternates: 11am at St Ben’s in Jan / 10:30am at URC in Feb (etc)

11am Holy Communion combined service at St Mary’s Meare

5pm Healing Service at St Ben’s

3rd Sunday (Feb 17)

(no 8am service)

9:15am Holy Communion (St John’s rite) at St Ben’s

(11:15am Café-style service at St Ben’s)

4th Sunday (Feb 24)

(no 8am service)

9:15am Holy Communion (St John’s rite) at St Ben’s

(11am Matins at St Mary’s Meare)

(11:15am Praise & Teaching at St Ben’s)

5th Sunday*

10am Joint benefice communion, alternating between St Ben’s and Meare

(* In 2019, fifth Sundays occur only in March, June, September and December)

Every Tuesday

9am Morning Prayer at St Ben’s

10:30am Holy Communion at St Ben’s

10:30am Holy Communion at St Patrick's Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey

Every Wednesday

9am Morning Prayer at St Ben’s

Every Friday

9am Morning Prayer at Abbey House

The vicar adds: “All this will constantly be discussed and, if necessary, changed, but I hope that this will work for the next 12 months.”

Upcoming Events

Abbey Parishes online diary
Tuesday 31st July - Tuesday 31st December 2024

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St John's is part of the Inclusive Church network

St John's affirms that it does not discriminate, on any level, on grounds of economic power, gender, mental health, physical ability, race or sexuality.  more
Added: 15th October 2018

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Securing The Future

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To create a modern, fresh, and flexible interior within a medieval church building to enhance worship, to provide an open space for a variety of worship and community activities, and to display and celebrate the historical legacy of the building and its prominent place within the Town of Glastonbury.

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