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Hymn celebrates Rosemary’s gift of piano

Hymn celebrates Rosemary’s gift of piano

The hymn Come to Me written by Rosemary Turnbull was sung before the Gospel at the 9:30 Eucharist at St Johnís on Sunday July 15. It was a small way of thanking Rosemary and her family for the gift of her baby-grand piano to the church.

The photo of her playing Come to Me was taken after the service.

The piano was a gift for Rosemaryís 21st birthday from her late husband, James. Her many piano pupils played on it during her 40 years teaching: at first in Manchester where James worked for ICI, and then, after his calling to the priesthood, in rectories near Brighton and, finally, in Glastonbury when they moved to Hood Close in 1980.

(A brief biography of James Turnbull and their life together can be found online here.)

During those years she wrote a fair number of hymns. Six of her compositions are published in the Celtic Hymn Book (Kevin Mayhew, 2005), including both words (printed below) and music of Come to me. She wrote the music for several hymns where David Adams wrote the words: Be the strength of God; Come, my Lord, my light, my way; In the silence of the stars; Only you, Lord, can make us whole; and The love of Christ surround us.

Rosemary moved recently from Cavendish Lodge to The Tudors, and the piano needed a new home. St Johnís is grateful to her and her family for the donation. As the photo shows, we had a new steel frame made to fit under the piano, on wheels so that her piano can be moved easily to where it is needed for services or concerts in St Johnís.

Come to me

Come to me and I will give you life;
your strength will be renewed to meet the strife.
Come to me, you have a choice to make,
my arms to you are stretched; rise up, awake.

Come to me, and I will with you go
all through your daily walk, safe from the foe.
Come to me, and tell me all your fears,
and I will comfort you; your cry I hear.

Come to me, and I will dwell with you,
no more youíll be alone, my word is true.
Come to me, and when your time is come
to join your heavínly home, we will be one.

(Copyright 2005 Kevin Mayhew Ltd)


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